I am always looking for ways to work from home and make extra income through online. One that I can use my computer skills with zero cost. I found Supahands accidently whilst googling Malaysian Startups. So I applied after going through their requirements.

Here’s my experience so far.

SupaAgent Application Process

The Be a SupaAgent page states the requirement to be a SupaAgent. Pressing the long green button will bring up the registration page where I fill out my details and upload my resume. Once filled up, press the submit button. Then, they will give an instruction to prepare a Google Sheet table consisting of car rentals in Malaysia and provide the shared link

2 days later, I received an e-mail informing that I have advanced to the final stage of the application process. They had scheduled the following week for a Skype interview. However, the interview had to be postponed for another week since both the Interviewer and I were coincidently sick on the same week.

The interview slot was scheduled for 1 hour only between 3-4pm. The actual interview only took me 5 minutes or so. Probably the interview was to

  • Determine I am an actual person
  • To confirm that they are an actual company and not scam
  • Determine that I can converse English fairly well
  • To answer any questions I would have had about them

After the Interview, on the same day, I received the SupaAgent Offer e-mail. I had to submit a signed contract and a copy of my Identification Card.

Standard Operating Procedures

Later, on the same day, I received my SupaAgent Starter Kit which basically contained Google Doc Files of the following matter:

[1] Creating your SupaAgent Profile
[2] Determining your Task Preferences and the SupaAgent Workplace Introduction
[3] Google Hangouts Chat Function
[4] Your SupaAgent Tracking Sheet
[5] Task Related Guidelines and Tips
[6] Introduction to Supahands!
[7] Commitments of SupaAgent
[8] SupaAgent Referral Program
[9] SupaPayments
Once done with SupaAgent Skill Form Submission, access to the SupaAgent Availability sheet and Supahands Workplace will be given.  It took a few days to get the access, that I had forgotten about it until two weeks later.

Workplace & Task Preference

Supahands Workplace is where all available projects are listed along with their brief description. The status of each project will be between New, In Progress or Completed. It is a dashboard where SupaAgents can choose projects that they are interested in.  Once a SupaAgent shows interest in the project, they will have access to the SOP or Project Guidelines and Work File.

A breakdown of the task that you can choose to commit to.

Data Focused

Database Cleaning – Removing doubles, changing entries to match the layout of the client’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, pointing out empty entries or entries that are missing information.

Data Entry – Entering online or hardcopy data into Excel, Google Sheets, CRM or any other system that our client uses.

Data scraping – Going through online data and extracting the information that is relevant for our client.

Content uploading – Helping customers upload content onto their online system. This is mostly done for e-commerce websites and can include looking for product descriptions and pictures.

Research Focused

Lead Generation Creating a database of people and/or companies that fulfil our client’s criteria for them to be used as leads. This could include going through multiple online sources to find extensive information about leads/competitors.

Online Research – General online research, collecting information about competitors.

Calling Focused

Lead Generation (Verification) – Calling leads to confirm if the company information we found online or that was provided to us by our client, is correct and to find out who the person in charge [PIC] is.

Customer Service Calling – Calling on behalf of our customer, this can be for either placing an order on behalf of the customer or to follow up with an inquiry.

Work from Home SupaPayments

The most important question of course, how much does it pay?

Depending on tasks, you will initially earn RM3.50 per Hand. Once you graduate, you will earn RM7 per hand.

Some tasks are measured by points. For example, earning 80 points will get you 1 Hand.

I have done a receipt reviewing task. Within an hour I managed to get 90 points. That’s about RM3.94

Another receipt reviewing task required only 21 points to get 1 Hand. But it is more tedious, therefore it took me about an hour to get 21 points.

The first month I started was November 2016. I had only time for a few days. As a result, here’s my pretty sad work from home income proof from Supahands

Work From Home Supahands Nov2016 Income

The second month I had even fewer days to work as it was December 2016. Due to spending time with our family and local travel. Consequently, I received less.

Work From Home Supahands Dec2016 Income

I’m starting again and stealing time about an hour in the morning and an hour after Seri goes to bed. Maybe I can bump up the amount if I am more consistent daily.

Is it Legit or Scam

So far, it is legit at least. Even though the pay is less than working at a fast food restaurant in Malaysia prior to graduating. It is less tiring, flexible and allows me to work at home and be more available for my child. And I don’t have to worry about being scammed.

You must understand that this won’t pay ALL your bills as you desperately try to work from home. Otherwise, you’ll be left frustrated by comparing to the salary you could have gotten if you’d work in an actual office.

If you are from a country with a strong currency, FORGET IT! It’s not worth your time. Leave it to us Ringgit Malaysians desperate people.

For stay at home mothers, work from home mothers, students, maybe it can be instead a supplement to your savings attempt whilst you work from home on other prosperous projects. Probably buy you a new dress. But just one dress. If you type faster, maybe even two dresses! 🙂

So if you would like to try Supahands for additional work from home income, apply here. Finally, don’t forget to enter my name (Elly Marlina) as the referrer in the Supa Skils Set Form! I get RM21 for each successful Interviews. That’s 6 Hands yo!

Update 2019: I am no longer with Supahands as I am concentrating on homebased food business.

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