9 Reasons That Will Make You Agree Frozen Pisang Coklat Absolutely Rocks!

Our frozen Pisang Coklat is our best-selling item to date.  We have sold homemade frozen Pisang Coklat for RM10 per pack and RM11 for fried packs since early 2016. Each packet contains 12 ready to fry or ready to eat pieces and are approximately 500 grammes in weight.

April 2017 will be the last month to purchase it at RM10 per pack. Effective 1st May 2017 the new price for both our frozen food product will be RM15 per pack.

Here’s a coupon to use for the RM10 purchase valid until 30 April 2017. Using the FREEDESSERT coupon during your checkout will also entitle you a Banana Nutella Cake for Free and RM5 Delivery Charge for selected Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas.

Our distribution methods are at the moment restricted to online purchase and Whatsapp purchase at the moment. You can have frozen Pisang Coklat delivered to your doorstep at additional charges or save some moolah by picking up from our doorstep in Kota Damansara, Selangor.

Yes, we need more agents and distribution shops. #agentswantedmalaysia definitely. Get in touch with us via 011-3914 6646.

The idea was developed one morning at our breakfast table. Tiyah had made us Banana Fritters, locally known as Pisang Goreng. I had reached out for a Nutella spread and told her I loved eating Pisang Goreng and Nutella.  Then she told me there were a lot of Pisang Coklat being sold in Indonesia. I hadn’t come across it the last time I was there.

I did, however, found Es Durian which was AMAZING.

Yup, we talked about food a lot our little family. Not just because we love food. But also because Tiyah was always accommodating to what we wanted to eat. Alhamdulillah, we are blessed to have her help our family routines.

Frozen Pisang Coklat First Attempt

The Beginning of Frozen Pisang Coklat

The First Bite of a Business Idea

So the following morning, what do I get for breakfast? Popiahs.

Inside I could see a yellowish solid content and some dark matter spread. The smell of fried banana was strong and enticing. I took my first bite and was wide eyed. It was crunchy and DELICIOUS! I tell ya. That first bite of cooked banana combined with oozing chocolate was orgasmic.

I joked “Boleh buat jual ni“. Another topic that was usually around our morning breakfast was what business to get into. Our current Production House was going through troubled times. And to tell the truth, I had fallen out of love with the entire process. I just did not enjoy the job anymore. There were too many issues.

But mostly because I just had Seri and wanted to be around more for her and I especially did not feel very productive or energetic enough to work around the clock like we used to.

I also just realised that my brain post-pregnancy was not at its optimum stage. I would forget things immediately. Holding the car keys and forgetting where I dropped it last was a norm for me. But this forgetfulness was at a whole new level. I would go towards a room, and then completely forget what I was about to do. And I would be pacing about trying to remember again. All too time-consuming.

Age was also catching up to me fast. Sigh..

The Product Validation Process

We would have weekly dinners at my parents in laws. We would cook there or pot luck depending on the occasion. So one of the visits we brought Pisang Coklat as one of the menu items. Everyone ooh and ahhed and finished the whole thing.

But to be fair, no food ever gets wasted at my in-laws. My love for food was even developed by the constant family association with them.

The Paradigm Shift

Credit goes to Tiyah for making the first sale and several more after that. I am not a sales person by nature. I dislike selling and pushing products or services. Which is probably the main reason our initial business failed.

After the initial product validation from myself and family members, Tiyah showed me a packet of frozen Pisang Coklat. We discussed on the best price to sell it and after some calculations came up with the right price we both agreed.

I began to research and wanted to learn more about starting a new business specifically online business as that was my main goal at the moment.

Working from Home

Work at Home Mom status was still ideal at that point of time. Although now, I’ve begun to see the challenges of working at home with a 2-year-old demanding toddler. Remember the CNN debacle? Totally relatable.  Laughed hysterically complete with tears when I watched it albeit several months too late.

I knew how to make a website from WordPress, but I wanted to be better at it.

I knew how to use photoshop & illustrator and have working experience with branding. Now’s the time to actually apply it and pick up some new methods as well.

This new inspiration to learn excited me and reminded me what I love to do. Reminded me that I love figuring things out and set it in motion. That I should still put to use what skills I have.

Employer Learning from Employee

And whilst I was busy learning, Tiyah was already selling Pisang Coklat to our family and neighbours.

She shared her younger days experience with me. How she had to sell vegetables and food from door to door. And her neighbours weren’t exactly a stone throw away either.

It was an eye-opener for me, (how blessed my life was) and I am always awed at her diligentness. She makes me feel that I’m terribly lazy sometimes, but that’s good to get me off my butt!

Frozen Pisang Coklat Combo

How Will Pisang Coklat Rock Your World?

Well, you should get a pack to find out why. Or maybe several packs from my very bias opinion. But I should consider you need space for other frozen items to live out your days such as meat and seafood. But you should have our frozen Pisang Coklat just like you have nuggets and sausages in part of your grocery list. And here’s my attempt at convincing you:

1. Quick & Easy Preparation

Convenience is the word for working women or non-working women. Cause when you’re a woman, you are ALWAYS busy. Having a packet of frozen Pisang Coklat ready to fry, baked or air-fried is the answer to a modern women’s time dilemma.

You just don’t have the energy to get a pack of popiah, find bananas and cut some chocolates to roll them and fry. You have the actual dinner to prepare that you most of the time buy, cause you’re too tired from work.

Quick and easy preparation is all you need to lay a plate of Pisang Coklat so the kids and husband sit quietly and not badger you for like ummm..  15 more minutes (equals to hours of sanity based on my mommy time yo!)

2. Tea-time Favourite

Pisang Goreng is a Malaysian favourite and you can find it just about anywhere on the streets in the evenings. So naturally, Pisang Coklat would be a good fit for your tea-time menu. In fact, I’m just gonna be optimistic and say it would be a big hit!

But sometimes, you just don’t want to go through the hassle of getting ready to go out and purchase your tea-time delicacy. So it’s a good idea to have some frozen Pisang Coklat stocked in your freezer for when that bout of homeliness hits you.

3. Breakfast Alternative

Don’t let culture stop you from enjoying food however and whenever you want it. You can always enjoy Pisang Coklat for a quick breakfast too. Totally easy if you’re not up to preparing breakfast fit for a king in the wee hours. It might even inspire you to a new idea just like it did me.

4. Late Night Snacking

This is a no brainer. Love watching movies? Totally addicted to Netflix? Or it’s just the only time you have after you’ve put the kids to bed. To feel totally relaxed to catch up on your Astro’s subscription. Frozen Pisang Coklat will accompany your winding down time before bed. Because it’s easy to prepare and yummy to the tummy. The perfect late night partner.

The perfect late night partner. That you can totally indulge by yourself.

5. Convenient for Guest Arrival

Guests are usually polite enough to pre-inform before you before their arrival. So that you have ample of time to prepare food and drinks. (Even though it is customary to say you don’t need to burden yourself).

But some days you’re just not in the mood to prepare a feast. A frozen Pisang Coklat pack is the perfect tool to achieve the task. Be careful, you might need more than 1 pack though.

Frozen Pisang Coklat Combo

What’s the Deal with Our Frozen Pisang Coklat? 

1. Homemade & No Preservatives

The idea that Homemade food is necessarily better than anywhere else depends on so many factors. So I won’t push that thought. Instead, know that purchasing our product you are helping not 1, but 2 mothers make ends meet. You are helping two women add value to their lives and possibly to other women as well.

It also means that we have the ability to customise what goes into the product. And what not to go in it. We do not mass produce at the moment. By producing in batches, our product also has shorter shelf life. Therefore we don’t feel the need nor have to include additional preservatives or artificial flavouring.

2. Handpicked Sweet Bananas

We use local “Berangan” Bananas. Bananas are perishable. And because we don’t acquire them in tonnes, we are able to handpick the level of ripeness of each Banana. I personally hate it when I eat a tasteless Pisang Goreng. And that happens quite often before. We want to guarantee that fruity sweetness when you take a bite.

3. No Defrosting Necessary

You want quick preparation. Certainly defrosting takes time. But with our frozen Pisang Coklat, you don’t need to defrost. Just pop it in the pan. After you’ve heated the oil on a medium of course.

4. A Healthier Option

If you’re not a fan of deep frying. You can also try a healthier way of cooking Pisang Coklat. Tried and tested by our regular customers. Either bake them or air fry them for a dose of Potassium goodness.

So the question now, have you tasted our frozen Pisang Coklat yet? If you haven’t, you can purchase them by going to our shop along with other meals that we can provide. We can have them delivered to you using despatch or Ta-Q-Bin.

If you have purchased before, we’d really like to know your comments so that we can improve. I pinky promise your constructive feedback won’t hurt our feelings.

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