Assalammualaikum, I’ve been longing to update on our orders and catering progress. Since our very…very…long time off in December and January. Orders started to pick-up again slowly but surely.

Lunch Packs Catering

March seems to be doing much better so far, Alhamdulillah. We started Lunch Packs (or Foodbox, or FoodPacks) in late January and I think it’s rolling out okay. Not too drastically, because we won’t be able to cope with our magical tiny kitchen, but enough to get things exciting again.

Here’s what it looks like in the beginning. Lunch Packs for 2 people in microwaveable plastic containers

Then, Syahida from Eva’s Baby’s Kitchen who regularly subs her cater jobs to us, introduced me to food grade paper boxes and I love it’s simplicity and compactness even though it’s much more expensive.

But orders were intermittent, and it was hard to get consistent orders since I didn’t do a lot of marketing like handing our flyers or promoting to offices yet.

One fine day, a few days before the middle of March I received a call. An enquiry from a Group Company to provide catering of Lunch Packs for their training days. Alhamdulillah, we are getting repeat orders to cater for 10-20 packs per day and for 2-3 days in a week. That may not look much yet, but we have to consider our frozen food orders as well. And at the moment it’s just the 2 of us, and not much use except for packing at the size I’m at :). Three and half months to go and to figure out how our business will proceed during my confinement.

Thanks, online presence on Google Business / Chefsaround / Instagram. And, of course, my most humble gratitude to  Allah the Almighty Provider of Sustenance.


But right before the Lunch Packs catering wave, we had another order trend for about a week it was mostly KEBAB frenzy. I guess, it started out because we had multiple Pisces Birthdays in our family, and decided to have a barbeque in Kalumpang again. Lamb was definitely on our list (a favourite in the family) and I decided to add Kebab to the list as well. And so, we made extras to sell as another frozen product.

Of course, the earliest to jump on the wagon is our favourite catering partner from Eva’s Baby Kitchen. So, hundreds of Chicken Kebabs were made to cater one of her client’s company breakfast. We also made some vegetarian kebabs upon request.

And we grilled some to cater for our Surau and BAKI as well.

Family and friends also bought some and we finished our stock in a jiffy.

I loved having the short break from our usual menu. I was not in the mood to eat rice. So Kebab, Mash and Grilled veggies were the perfect fit for me at that point in time. Dipping it in MayoGarlic Sauce was even more divine (salivating). Okay writing about is making me hungry 😐

An amusing thing happened on Facebook though. I got REJECTED for adding Kebab on my shop product list! I was hysterical to find out what the cause was!!!


Wholesale Chicken Croquettes & Pisang Coklat

We had to take a break and made time for our recurring monthly orders of frozen food; Chicken Croquettes and Pisang Coklat. We get about 100-200 packs from a cafeteria vendor of HUKM through one of the agents. So it usually takes 2-3 days to complete. But with all the lunch preparations, it extended to another few days.

We also provide for a food truck who resells Pisang Coklat Goreng at their events. Pisang Coklat is easy for us to prepare and we can make 50 packs per day which currently is our weekly order from our agent.

We only have 2 active agents for frozen food at the moment. 1 in KL and 1 in Sri Kembangan. So things are still under control and level of sanity is still normal.

In between thousands of pieces of croquettes, we churned out some catering orders as well that are popular on our menu:

  • Roti Jala and Chicken Curry Dhal
  • Nona Manis
  • Pisang Coklat Goreng
  • Croquette Ayam Goreng

Successful Blogging Attempt

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! I need some dessert to celebrate my victory in writing this post finally!!!!!!!

Also because I managed to update the new look of my website.

If you’re a foodie do check out our Instagram and double tap your favourite looking picture of food.

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