Assalammualaikum, today I’d like to share about the heart of our operation (other then Castiyah). During the middle of our mid-March chaos, we received another second-hand freezer from Ibu. Pretty stoked about it, because I was, in fact, contemplating of getting a new freezer.

But we needed a new stove as well and that seemed more of an urgent need since we already had 3 freezers. Behold! Next in line to purchase…


One of the reasons, our Kuih Talam project is on hold. Our stove is too puny of a fire 🙁

Alhamdulillah, so much to be thankful for the gift freezer landing on our lap at the time I was thinking about how do I expand on what little resources we currently have.

Truthfully none of the 4 freezers I have was new.

Let’s start the story of these freezers with the chronology of how I acquired them based on the picture.


  1. This freezer was from Cash Converter for RM350. My Husband got it for us so that we could have more space than the current small top freezer of our refrigerator. At that time we could only make around 10 packs each time. Currently used to store mostly packed Pisang Coklat.
  2. I wanted a standing freezer for the convenience of inserting trays. Found a refurbished upright freezer from for RM800 which was way cheaper then RM1500 that new upright freezers were selling. That amount came from the collection of sales over several months. Yeah, we started out ever so slowly. We use it to freeze Pisang Coklat, Croquettes, Kebabs and Bergedil before packing them and storing.
  3. The Berjaya freezer was given by Ibu from her gerai because her tenants were mistreating it. When turned off, it had a funky smell at first from people abusing it with knives and rotten food. No one wanted to service it, or it was just too expensive. So, we cleaned it and dried it for several days. Put Pandan Leaves for several more days. The smell was so much better, but in no way were we ever going to put our products in it. So it remains as storage for most of our raw materials with proper covers.
  4. Lastly, this fairly new and gorgeous freezer provided the much-needed space and convenience to freeze and store our products with orders growing steadily.  The freezer is not too big that it fits whatever little space we have left in our tiny room. But big enough to just plonked the trayful of products in. So we spend less time trying to figure and estimate the rotation of time to freeze and pack and constantly considering the limited space that exists.

The first 3 freezers we had would amount to about RM350 of electricity bill, but that would also include our personal use of the refrigerator, Coway, Air-Conditioning every night, and water heaters. I am expecting a spike in that amount soon. We turn off the freezers every time the stocks are cleaned out, hopefully, that saves the utility bill.

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