I finally did the registration for a new business at SSM! Yabadabadoooooo.

Why the delay after 1 year of selling frozen food. Well,
1. I had a business entity, which failed so I just used that business name instead
2. I was advised to use the old entity and not create a new one
3. Every penny earned was sacred and geared towards capital for materials
4. I’m very good at procrastinating. Yeah, check my facebook, it’s a verified opinion 🙂
5. I was second guessing myself and listening to other’s ‘professional’ advice

So I went with my gut instinct. Clean slate I say!

Registration for a Sole-Proprietorship Business

The easiest way to go about registering a business was to just pay the company secretary from the comfort of your office home.

But I like to make myself miserable by going the most cost-effective way obviously and decided to do everything myself. So here’s how I went about it after reading SSM’s Guidelines for Registration of New Business

  1. Go to SSM Website and register an E-Account
  2. You will receive an e-mail telling you to go to SSM counter (hahaha you’d thought you wouldn’t be needing that hah!)
  3.  Download and Prefill forms PNA.42 and Form A
  4.  Go to SSM Counter (they will tell you to go and register an E-Account and do the registration online pulak hahaha! Refer#1)
  5.  Tell the counter that E-Account already registered, give IC and username for activation of the said account
  6.  Submit Form PNA.42 to check that business name is available and allowed
  7.  Go to the computers available and register your brand spanking new business name and make payments online / at the counter whichever is easier

The process was quicker than I expected and apart from the funny thing to register online when you’re already at the counter, I was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the process.

I didn’t have the car on that particular day and went about on MRT and feeder busses. I very much enjoyed the walk and change of scenery. It was a particularly hot season, but the MRT’s air conditioning made me feel I was in Californian weather. Boleh gitu?

Registration for BizTrust

I also registered for another of SSM’s product for online business. The promotion said it was free until the end of March 2018, so what the heck, might as well go get it kan!

I didn’t do it immediately and remembered it again on the last day of March. Alamak! Takpe, try jer. And lo and behold I registered and got it for free jugak. Rupenyer free promotion extended until March 2019 pulak. Ceh….

Am not sure yet how it’s gonna help build trust and get me more sales… but no harm in getting your ducks in order kan.

Registration for Business Bank Account

I forgot to do this immediately. Pandai. Thought I could still get away with my personal account and by the time my first cheque arrived. I am reminded that it takes 2 weeks for company name search before I can open a current account. So I have several cheques stuck waiting to clear. The minimum amount to open even an enterprise current account at Maybank is RM2000 and requires an introducer of an active Maybank Current Account. But you only deposit the amount after that 2 weeks of waiting lah.

So do this registration as soon as possible!

Hope this helps somebody to save time.

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