2018 sped like a blur for me. Everything moved so fast and suddenly it’s 2019. Time used to move at a snail pace, but now… I can totally relate with the attraction of a time machine. Just to keep you up to speed, here’s my sorry excuse to be not very productive online:


We moved from Kota Damansara to Kelana Jaya to my in-law’s terrace house. They are getting older and unwell with many hospital visits to attend. There was also my husband’s grandfather to care for as well. So I had a lot of packing to do and at that point, I was already nearing my expected due date.


Our move was about 2 weeks prior to my delivery date. As we hastily tried to reorganize our life and furniture to cram into the current residents, my mother in law was admitted to the CCU in PPUM the same week of my delivery date. I would say we were just in time about the moving. I also had to change my delivery hospital of choice from Sg Buloh Hospital to PPUM to ease the family. A second caesarean operation is also OMG so painful that I could care less about uploading photos, or thinking about captions.


Besides being in pain, confinement also puts me in lazy mode. I just wanna lay around (in pain) snuggling with the brand new baby boy around my arms and a remote control for Netflix on the other hand. Being lack of motivation just seems to set in as I go through the motion of juggling between time, a happy baby, a whiny 4 year old and le husband who has his own sets of emotional turmoil to share.

Adjustment is hard. Even for someone who has moved for about 18 times in her life. So what did I decide to do? Revamp my website by MOVING my hosting from Exabytes to Jimathosting. Add a new domain to boot. Sigh. One has to wonder about the probability of my having an addiction to moving. Anyway, check out my new store using Oddle.