I’ve been using GoGet since 2016 to run errands for my company. When my production business went under, I registered as a GoGetter to find part time jobs. But coordinating transportation can be difficult. I started to think about creating a business from home. Then as the business began to grow, I had to consider the food delivery system.

This caused a major headache because:

  1. Having to drive after a big order preparation is too exhausting
  2. Being stuck in traffic is not ideal for me
  3. Organizing the car schedule with my husband was too much of a heartache

So you can see how GoGet solved a lot of my food delivery problems. GoGet is available both on the web and as an app. If you use my promo code ‘ELLY9‘, you can get RM10 credit. Make sure to enter the code BEFORE posting your first job. And it must be inserted 3 days within creating your account to be valid.


Food Delivery Promo Code

Here are the main functions of GoGet that made my life so much easier and less frustrated.


This delivery function is what I mostly use. I just enter an address to pick-up and time and do the same for drop-off. You can choose to dispatch food, cake, document or enter a description of anything other than provided. There is also a note section to provide a detailed description or information that the dispatcher needs to deliver the items successfully to my customers. It’s a good idea to provide details on items that will be picked up, so that the GoGetter can estimate space or equipment to deliver your items. The note is also a form of proof should any dispute occur. Also, most importantly the contact number of your customer.

Food Delivery Payment Request


No time to shop? But in dire need of ingredients or food. You can get a GoGetter to buy them for you. This was really convenient during my first week of confinement too. Just list out the items you need. You can inform the GoGetter where exactly to buy them, or you can let the GoGetter decide. There is an internal message system for communication or you can just use the reliability of phone calls. The GoGetter will send a payment request that lists out the price and total of purchase once every item has been confirmed. You can pay upon receiving your items.

Another function is FOOD, it’s similar to SHOPPING. But I don’t use it that much for business. GoGet had this food delivery service much earlier than Grab Food though.


I have never used this function. But I have a fellow catering friend who gets extra help when she has multiple jobs via GoGet. You can get them to help prepare or pack food. You can get help according to the hourly rate. Or set a total fee until the job gets done.

Food Delivery Credits

GoGet Credits

For a cashless payment, you can also purchase GoGet Credits and the app will deduct accordingly.

E-Mail Receipts

For every job and transactions, GoGet e-mails the receipt. This is important and most useful for me to track for bookkeeping.

I love the existence of GoGet. Thumbs up for not having to depend on other people or be disappointed. And getting things done! Sure, it’s a tad bit pricey. But if you add-up fuel cost, your time and convenience it isn’t cheap either.

Check out our new online ordering page to order frozen food or ready to eat and test out our food delivery partner.

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