Once you get the hang of it. FB Live can be kinda fun, even though NOBODY is watching. Yeah, the trick is not to keep watching out for people. The hardest part for me is to actually find the perfect time to do it. There’s never a perfect time. Well, for me it’s actually when my kids are sleeping. But, when do they ever sleep in sync?

Preparation. I feel the need to prepare a script/ cue card, a suitable topic for selected audience for gods sake. I just couldn’t even do that. And I am a stay at home mom. Sometimes I feel like a total failure. Sheesh, way to break down my self-esteem.

I also prefer to FB Live at home with wifi, cause I’m on Umobile and my data is sucky as you shall witness in Day 11 and 20.

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30 Days of FB Live Roundup [Part-1/3]

30 Days of FB Live Roundup [Part-3/3]