I found out about Lalamove when I was meeting with Oddle representative for an introduction to their online ordering form. I had always been using GoGet but was searching for an alternative solution to optimize my delivery cost.

Delivery Pricing

What caught my attention about them was that their lowest price was only RM5 for the first 5 kilometres delivery. Neither GoGet or Its4u could compete with. This would mean that I would be able to provide delivery for my nearest area with an attractive delivery cost instead of RM12-15 per delivery.

I even found a promo code and manage to deliver for only RM4 once. I feel like such a scrooge for jumping for joy about this. But hey, life’s tough!

Rider Assignment

I was really happy for the first few times using this service. But only for the first order, the assigning of the rider was quick. Several orders afterwards was a major freakout session. I would usually request for a rider the night before a delivery day to ensure I had nothing to worry about the next morning and I can prepare food in a calm manner. But NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Since using Lalamove, I have had to call their Customer Service frequently to ensure that my booking would get a rider. That I would not be left in despair. That they would not fail me. They even said, “Don’t worry mam, we will confirm get you a rider”.  Cit, podah!

Well, I worried. And they failed to get me a rider. It was scheduled at 11.20 am and they didn’t assign anyone until 11.38 am. I had to get to the Hospital to send my Mother In Law for her Dialysis session soon. I contacted It’s4U, but no rider available at the last minute (they require confirmation the day before). If I tried GoGet, I would have to wait another 30 minutes. I tried Bungkusit, also 27 minutes away. Kensellah wei!. I proceeded to cancel Lalamove and get a Grab driver, to ensure that my delivery would get to the customer at 11.45 am. I had to add a stopover to Jaya 33, then to Hospital. Aiyaaaa! Bonda Stress!!! But thank god for Grab, so I don’t have to worry about parking.

Rant finished. I guess that was a padan muka episode for me, for complaining that Lalamove riders keep arriving too early the previous times. I should send apology flowers to GoGet and It’s4U  as well for forsaking them too early.


Dear Lalamove, I really like your app’s interface. Even though, I am super upset with you. It’s so easy to just search locations and you save them for the next time without my having to retype everything. And I can even pull out contact details from my phonebook. The fact that you e-mail a delivery receipt for each order makes me really happy too. And then, you also promised a monthly statement (unlike other delivery services) for easy reconciliation has my heart thumping also tau.

  • Why did you have to fail me this time!?
  • Why you make me saspen like nearly having a heart attack for 3 days in a row?!
  • How come, every time I order, I have to call your Customer Service number to get a rider. What’s the use of the App leh?

Bag Size

Even though your box smaller than Grabfood and extremely so compared to It’s4U, I don’t mind lah, because for 13 lunchbox still can fit. Not bad lah.

Also, why you make topping up so difficult for us. No FPX or online transfer just Credit Card. I got your corporate account, so easy lah can online transfer, but for those who want to try you out and don’t have a credit card, why not make their life easier and provide alternative payment system. Yes, there’s always debit card kan. Hmmm

Ok, maybe I can forgive Lalamove, like I forgave GoGet that one time a Gogetter last minute cancel also. But, hatiku terguris dan jiwa ku tersiksa seketika, tidak mungkin akan kulupakan dengan begitu mudah.

Promo Code

Dah ler I termiss your Promo Code above. Paiseh nyerTengah carik cover ideas baru terjumpa on your website. So rugi RM10 off pulak tu. Here’s an idea, if you’d like to try our menu, you can order on our website and arrange a pickup through Lalamove and enter in the promo code above for your first time use of Lalamove.

Any other delivery providers that you want to share? Leave a comment and I’ll check it out.