I write because there are thoughts that I keep in my mind. But never gets spoken. Ideas that bounces in my head from time to time. That disappears and then reappears as ideas by others.

I write to overcome the fear that no one would want to read or worse, would hurt the ones who do. And sometimes when spoken does not get the attention that I hope deserves. Many times, my words are misinterpreted, that I resolve to just remain silent.

I write because once upon a time, I had an immense fascination with writing. That I had a lot of time to write. But somehow I did not pursue. And so I add another to my long list of regrets.

I write because I do not want to forget, as I did before. I want to read after years from now and reminisce in memory. Smile when rereading, and maybe chastise myself for the grammar mistakes that I did not notice again.

I write because, I no longer have conversations that feed my soul, make me smile and laugh, just by being me. Come to think of it, I don’t remember me anymore. I write to escape being just the wifey and the mommy in me.

Now I write because I have to. Be another contributor to the massive marketing attempts at one’s own product or service. Because I need to. The need to push me forward because no one else will.

I write because I have many hopes. Hope to be a better person than I was before. To remind me that is what I want to achieve. Hope that I can be a person to be proud of. I also hope to connect to others although we’ll never meet. Hope that my words are valid information that helps others. Maybe even inspire someone to be brave and pursue something more.

Hope that this is a beginning to more and consistent writing