Our Rissoles were initially called Croquettes because our main ingredient is potatoes. But we had such a hard time with the name t\nhat we recently changed it to Rissoles. Every time anyone asked what frozen food we make, we had to repeat the name many times and explain elaborately before giving up and just mention Rissole. Instantly that particular person’s face would light up with understanding when we mention Rissole or Ri-so-les to be more precise with the pronunciation.

Internally we still tend to call it Croquette because it’s been used since the beginning of our kitchen venture.

We currently have 4 Rissole Flavours:

Chicken Veggie Rissoles

Chicken Veggie Rissoles and Banana Chocolate Roll were among the first products we started to produce.

The main ingredients are minced chicken, potatoes and mixed vegetables seasoned and rolled into a crepe and covered with breadcrumbs. We use mixed orange breadcrumbs to indicate our chicken variety.

Each packet contains 12 pieces of Rissoles. For a large family, 1 packet can be gone immediately open. For individuals or small or young families, 1 packet could last a few times.

The frozen Rissoles as with the most type of frozen food need to be kept at a temperature below -18 degrees Celcius. The quality may vary due to continuous freezing and defrosting. We recommend finishing the whole pack within 6 months of opening the package.

Whilst traditional Risoles have a creamy texture, our filling is flaky and chunky due to the potatoes, which are diced to give the cylindrical shape more volume. So when you fry our rissole, it won’t deflate too much.

Time to have Rissoles

Chicken Veggie Rissoles is a great appetizer. But it is also great for breakfast, tea or even supper.

It’s handy to have a pack of frozen rissoles in your freezer for your family to snack on whilst you prepare (or order for busy and oh so exhausting times) the main meal. And even more so when unexpected guests turn up at your doorstep.

Fry a packet for movie watching or football matches.

And for sure it’ll be a big hit at parties, gatherings or even a wedding.

How to consume Rissoles

Preparing our frozen rissoles for your family and guests is very easy. Just defrost like you normally would for a pack of frozen nuggets.

For quick defrosting, you may use the microwave after removing it from the package. Defrost for not more than 10 seconds. Preheat oil for deep fry with medium heat.

Add in the rissoles in batches. The oil is ready when it is bubbling and hot. Fry until golden brown (about 2-3 minutes).

Best to serve it hot and to add a kick of flavour add fresh cili padi or your favourite dips. Ours is Mayogarlic.

It’s easy, fast and obviously tasty.

My boy Sina will always pop over to grab one immediately when he sees us frying some for customers.

What are other flavours of Risoles that you liked or tasted? Do share in comments.

Rissoles Stock in Freezer

Where to get our products

Currently, we sell them from home, online and some frozen shops.

You can pick up from our home in Seri Utama, Kota Damansara. It’s near the Yellow Mosque. Whatsapp us for the address and to confirm we’re at home to greet you.

We have our own online store that you can purchase and we deliver right to your doorstep using our 3rd party delivery service Lalamove. I’m really happy with their service so far despite my previous complaints.

You can also purchase through Kravve, Supply Bunny and Dropee where you can bundle up your purchase with other vendors for their own products and save on delivery fee.

Since we moved back to Kota Damansara, I’ve been more active in finding shops to help sell our homemade products, so you can also walk-in to some of these shops:

  • Pasar Mini Ainul, SS3 Kelana Jaya (Within the compounds of Masjid Hidayah)
  • Kelana Mart, SS7 Kelana Jaya
  • Az-Zain Halalmart, Bukit Jelutong
  • Az-Zain Halalmart, TTDI Jaya
  • Pitstop Astana Putra, Bukit Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh

We’re pretty happy with the result so far and doing our best to improve quantity on the production side.

Do hashtag us #seriefoodie if you manage to grab a pack of our product.

Do share this post if you know anyone who would benefit from this product too.